What Is a Vinyl Boat Wrap?

It’s like a big, high-quality sticker that can change the color and finish of anything which it’s applied to. You’ve probably seen vinyl on race cars, company vans, and other vehicles, displaying brand logos or other signage. Vinyl is durable, it won’t fade or peel from sun or water damage, and it’s long-lasting. It protects your boat’s paint job from those hazards, too.

Vinyl has been popular for a while with cars, and it’s also an option for boats. You can choose to wrap the entire boat, which will give it a like-new appearance and also protect the underlying paint job from fading and sun damage, or wrap part of it, the hull up to the waterline, say. You can even add decals and customizable graphics, essentially turning your boat into a floating billboard for your business.

If your boat is in need of an updated look, consider vinyl wrapping it. Paint, gel coating are always options but vinyl wrapping allows you to get creative with your boat’s appearance and may even be (far) cheaper than repainting. Read on to find out the advantages of vinyl wraps and what one might cost for your specific boat.



  • Affordability: Vinyl is less expensive than a new paint job. See below for details on pricing.
  • Customizable: If you’re going with graphics, you can unleash your inner designer. Advertise your business, or get creative and artistic. Tired of the color? It’s fast and easy to change it up.
  • Durability: If it’s professionally installed, the vinyl should not peel, rip, or lift. Warranties can vary, but you can expect to get about seven years of life from your vinyl.
  • Ease of repair: Vinyl is not as expensive or difficult to repair as gel coat. If you find a rip or tear, it’s an easy fix to apply new vinyl to the spot. Simply cut the damaged area off and apply a patch of vinyl with a heat gun.
  • Facelift: Vinyl will give your boat a sleek, clean, new look.
  • Options open: If you paint your boat, you can’t choose to go with gel coat down the line. But with vinyl, you can remove it if you want to apply paint or gel later.
  • Protection: Vinyl protects your boat from sun damage and fading, and doesn’t fade itself. It’ll keep that “like new” look.
  • Time off the water: It depends on the size of your boat and whether you want to wrap the whole thing or just part of it, but a wrap job usually takes less than a week to complete, whereas a professional marine paint job can have you out of the water for a month.
  • Easy to clean: No special cleaners are necessary — soap and water do the job — and there’s no buffing involved. Just be careful if you’re using a pressure washer; the stream can get under the vinyl and lift it off.
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Make Major Impressions With Truck, Trailer And Van Wraps

Full And Partial Wraps For A Variety Of Vehicle Types

If you want to grow your business and build brand awareness, you may be considering truck or van wraps as a way to get your message across. Vehicle wraps are the most cost-effective way to generate tens of thousands of customer impressions daily.

At Sunrise Signs, our in-house experts help you execute your vision. We take a consultative approach, which allows us to deeply understand your business goals and bring stellar truck, trailer or van wrap design ideas to life.

Sometimes, home services and B2B businesses hesitate to implement van and truck wraps because they can’t afford to have their vehicles off the road. After all, downtime directly hits your budget.

We understand your need for a quick turnaround. That’s why we expedite the wrapping process so you get your vehicles back quickly, usually within a matter of days.

Whether you’re hauling, delivering or simply driving, van, truck and trailer wraps are an effective way to make your business more visible. The available space on your vehicles is ideal for connecting with new leads and clients.